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Bridges survey in the south-west of UK

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During my recent visit to one of our partners in the UK, I was invited to attend a survey in Weymouth, Dorset. The client requesting the survey was a rather large construction company, which by the appearance of the town, were everywhere. My colleague explained to me that the reason for such massive construction work was the fast approaching 2012 Olympics in the UK and Weymouth is supposed to host some of the water sports events. Everything has to be nice and tidy by then.

The engineer in charge from Interserve Plc didn't have much previous exposure to GPR technology. This led to a short introduction at their local warehouse and showing him how to find and correctly identify a utility. The short survey went very well and soon enough we were able to find a pipe crossing one of the gravel roads in the storage yard at approximately 350mm depth. This was enough evidence for him of the suitability of the GPR for this kind of jobs. In a few minutes we were on our way to the real construction site were the actual survey would take place.

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