Bridging the gap between EH&S and technology

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“IT Insight” is a new bimonthly column that will look at the wide world of information technology, with a focus on emerging tools and technologies for managing environmental, health, and safety data.

Today’s environmental professional is faced with the challenge of sustaining an efficient and cost-effective
environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) management process in an economy dominated by emerging technological advancements and ever-changing regulatory requirements. Not only do environmental managers have to stay abreast of the latest regulatory developments, but they must also be aware of technology innovations that may improve their company’s EH&S performance and, subsequently, improve the bottom line. New technology has put the environmental professional back in the learning seat. Information technology (IT) is new to many EH&S professionals. Ten years ago, industry professionals communicated by phone, or worse, paper memo! “High-tech” EH&S folks may have sent an occasional fax, but that was as far as the information highway extended. Only five years ago, most of us did not use e-mail and some rarely used computers in their day-today business. Today, most of us communicate via e-mail and make use of one or more computer-driven devices daily.

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