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Bringing Bangladesh to World Bank standards - A case study on satisfying the criteria of the World Bank requirements in Bangladesh

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Client: Cairn Energy and Halliburton Brown & Root
Consultant: Andy Ive

Naturally when the World Bank was asked to finance the first offshore platform in Bangladesh in 1994 they demanded stringent environmental protection.

What was needed was someone who could combine engineering practicalities with legislative requirements to ensure environmental compliance.

Andy Ive was called in to assist in the production of an Environmental Impact Assessment report and introduce an extensive environmental training programme for site workers.

Setting the scene

The first offshore gas field in Bangladesh was discovered in 1994. The company selected to design and build the Sangu offshore platform was also offered the opportunity to act as operator once the platform was up and running.

The World Bank agreed to fund the Bangladesh project only on the basis that a detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was provided and that certain environmental criteria were achieved.

The issues

On assessing the site, IVE discovered issues relating to flooding, very shallow water tables, adjacent villages that had to be moved, local supplies of materials and existing pollution from the nearby ship-breaking yard.

In order to satisfy the World Bank's environmental funding stipulations, IVE put into place a combination of processes to ensure the long term compliance of the project:

�� Assisting in writing the technical sections of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
With plenty of previous offshore drilling and operating experience Andy Ive was able to make several visits to the site and produce a technically informed report based on his findings along with recommendations.

�� Establishing environmental standards – during a period of site visits to Dubai and Singapore, where much of the equipment modules and offshore platform topsides were built and designed.

�� Providing on-going staff training – both on environmental issues and reporting procedures. Key to ensuring any site remains compliant is making sure that all personnel are fully aware of the issues and behave at all times in accordance with the agreed processes. A hands-on approach to training has been developed by Andy Ive to enable staff to fully grasp not only the principles but also the practical application of the environmental policies and reporting procedures in place.

�� Solving engineering problems – particularly problems relating to gas quality testing where the gas Chromatographs were being poisoned by the Poly aromatic Hydrocarbons (pAH’s)

Up and running

With all the Reports produced and procedures instigated by IVE in place, by 1997 the project was ready for presentation to the authorities and all necessary permits were successfully obtained. The site opened in 1998 and remains the infrastructure for the production of gas for the Bangladesh population today.

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