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Bringing Data Center Computing to the Edge

The growing number of devices, next generation applications, and data deluge from IoT are making traditional data center approaches inefficient. The need for faster processing, increased cloud adoption, and increased pressure on networks is causing an architectural shift from centralized processing centers to a distributed model that places processing closer to the point where data is generated.

Edge computing is a network of micro data centers capable of processing and storing critical data locally and then pushing it out to a central data center or cloud storage. The data is analyzed at the edge of the network before it is sent to the central center or cloud, reducing latency and data traveling across the network. If the forecast for edge computing is accurate, then the current model of designing and site building each site will not serve the demand. With a rollout similar to cellular, high-volume modular production for speed-to-market will be key to successful deployments.

The infrastructure for edge computing requires solid, secure facilities and networks. It has to be designed, built and operated with the same diligence as large regional data centers. In case of a failure or loss of a single network, edge data centers also have to be able to support the full load required for the business needs to make sure the quality of service continues.

Edge computing data centers are not one-size-fits-all. Modular micro data centers will be utilized in a variety of sizes depending on each unique application. They can be everything from a single self-contained rack to twenty or thirty racks. Each edge data center has to be designed and built using commercial-quality equipment and fully-tested prior to being put into the network. They must also have remote monitoring and a significant amount of automation.

Thermo Bond’s Edge Data Centers

Thermo Bond’s modular data centers are ideal for edge computing networks. We offer lightweight and pre-cast concrete buildings in limitless designs and have the flexibility to manufacture virtually any size. Our lightweight buildings feature fiberglass aggregate siding widely-used in commercial office buildings, while our pre-cast concrete buildings provide a secure option for remote locations. Both provide your electronic equipment with superior ventilation, weatherproofing and security measures. Pre-cast concrete also offers an additional layer of insulation to guard against large temperature fluctuations. Designed to the customer’s specifications, each building has a reliable electrical system, equipment, racks, cable entry, ladders, HVAC, lighting, fiber guide and system backup components including N+1 configurations.

Offering a total solution, Thermo Bond has the ability to fully integrate your specialized equipment. Our experienced technicians and licensed electricians procure and install all types of critical system support equipment and have an extensive total Quality Control program. We work with a variety of manufacturers and have the ability to provide large discounts on support equipment along with a professional installation. We also factory test the equipment for quality and reliability prior to shipment.

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