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Bringing Water to Ghana - Following Up

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In the May issue of National Driller , I told you about the trip to Ghana, the wells we hydro-fracked, and the current laws regarding well yield and abandonment. This month I will tell you how those wells made out, what changes the government is planning to make to their laws and show you the Kingaka crew receiving their certificates of training.

In November of 2000, Charles F. Kyle, owner and president of Kyle Equipment Co., Sterling, Mass., traveled back to Ghana for the West Africa Water Conference. The people attending this conference ranged from local drillers to government officials, and the main focus was how to bring water to the villages. It was here that Mensa Nunyuie, owner of Kingaka Co., informed us of the results of the 12 wells we hydro-fracked and also where we learned what new laws are on the horizon in regards to well construction and abandonment in Ghana.

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