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Briquettes - A Perfect Replacement of Fossil Fuel for Manufacturing Facilities


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Large scale manufacturing units highly depend on fossil fuel, which not just pollutes environment, but also increases their overall cost. Briquettes make a perfect substitute of fossil fuel. Industrial briquetting press can produce high quantity of briquettes to meet with huge demand. Find out other benefits of briquettes for manufacturing units.

Effective waste management as well as environment protection both is major concerns in India. Huge quantity of agriculture, forestry and industrial waste create a serious issue of effective disposal without affecting environment. Besides this many manufacturing facilities like furnaces, brick kilns and leather also look for cost effective fuel sources. Briquettes provide solution to all these problems.

There is wide range of briquetting machines available in the market. These have varied production capacities to meet with domestic and industrial briquetting requirements. Briquetting press machine available in India create spherical logs while putting high pressure on the raw material. These machines don't use any kind of binders and chemicals.

As the basic process in briquetting is to convert agro waste into solid logs, it saves energy resources and makes a renewable energy source. When compared to fossil fuel, it is always more economical. It also puts a check on carbon emission by fossil fuel and its negative impact on the environment. There are many companies which have already switched from fossil fuel to briquettes to save money and environment.

Briquetting machine manufacturers deal in different machines, which can easily be installed in manufacturing units to produce in-house briquettes. Briquetting press equipment effectively converts various types of wood wastes into fuel source for use in boilers and furnaces. Biomass briquettes are also used to produce energy from the steam emitted during burning process. It helps the industries contribute in environment protection and make it green.

Besides converting waste into useful fuel source, another important objective of briquetting process is to protect environment and make it greener for our coming generation. It is a technique with win-win situation for all the stakeholders: briquetting machine manufacturers, farmers, end-users and industrialists. Farmers have tons of waste from their farms and they look for effective techniques to properly use it. Briquetting provides them solution and that too in their budget.

Many manufacturers in India offer machines in different price range to meet with requirements of different clients. Moreover, briquettes produced from the machines are easy to maintain, store and transport. Now you must be clear, why leading industries today are replacing coal with this white coal? There are many companies, which are planning to set up briquetting plant near their manufacturing units.

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