Briquetting systems for wood and metal


Courtesy of Ruf Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

Almost 30 years ago the Zaisertshofen-based RUF GmbH & Co. KG specialized in the development and production of briquetting systems. What started with a press for briquetting bark, has become a versatile and internationally active company over the years.

RUF GmbH & Co. KG manufacture their briquetting systems in Germany. Their manufacturing and design divisions make it possible to respond to the requirements of customers quickly and flexibly. Based on the experience gained with 3000 plants sold and many pressing tests, RUF GmbH & Co. KG offer the optimum plant concept for any requirement.

RUF has specialized in the development and production of briquetting systems for wood, metal and other materials.With their comprehensive scope of metal presses with throughputs ranging from 50 to 3000 kg/h, RUF have the appropriate systems for many fields of application. Amongst other things, aluminium, grey cast iron, grinding sludge as well as steel wool can be pressed. Depending on the plant and the material to be pressed, the presses for biomass have throughputs ranging from 30 to 1500 kg/h. In addition to wood in the form of sawdust,wood sawings and wood chips (up to 30 x 30mm), also other materials can be briquetted, such as cotton, paper, miscanthus and tobacco.

The advantages of briquetting

The briquetting systems from RUF can directly be integrated into existing production lines providing the following advantages for the operator:

  • Distinct volume reduction
  • Reduction of storing and handling costs
  • Dewatering and oil removal of chips and grinding sludges, respectively
  • Recovery of expensive lubricant coolants (oil or emulsion)
  • Improved melting yield/increased value of residual products
  • Residual products will be returned seamlessly into the production cycle

Briquetting Systems

Briquetting systems for wood and metal

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