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British Land CR Engagement - case study


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Large scale effective stakeholder engagement around sustainability.

The client

British Land manages a portfolio of prime retail and office properties, mainly in the UK, worth £16.3 billion.

The challenge

Whilst being highly regarded within the industry for its approach towards sustainability, British Land didn’t have a clear understanding to if, how and by whom its corporate responsibility (CR) reporting data is used. IMS Consulting was commissioned to undertake stakeholder consultation to provide feedback on how and why the reports are used, and to discern the effectiveness of existing distribution channels.

What did IMS do?

IMS supported British Land by writing and developing an online survey using its StakeholderTALK™ tool to draw out the relevant issues from participants.

What was the outcome?

The survey gathered over 600 responses from key stakeholder groups, the results of which were analysed and presented to British Land to advise their next steps. The feedback has informed their communication decisions and helped them to target their messages more effectively.

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