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Broadview, IL - Guaranteed TCE remediation under active facility -- Case Study


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Guaranteed remediation of TCE in soil under active vehicle maintanence facility

Project Summary

TRS Group implemented an electrical resistance heating (ERH) guaranteed remediation with Conestoga Rovers Associates (CRA) to remove trichloroethylene (TCE) under an active vehicle maintenance facility (Site) in Broadview, Illinios, TCE concentrations in soil were measured at levels indicative of dense non-aqueous phase liquid (DNAPL). Initial mass-in-place calculations estimated approximately 4,395 pounds of TCE in the subsurface. The goal of the ERH remediation was to reduce TCE concentrations in the treatment area to below 8,9 mg/kg.


Previous Site owner sold their armored truck business and then tried to sell the property. Soil contamination was discovered, some from previous owners and likely more before the Site was ever developed. Original owners had insurance that covered and paid for the Site remediation, A 25,600 square foot single-level commercial building is situated on the property. The building is constructed of brick over a concrete slab on grade with a flat roof and includes office space and a garage area, The Site is currently leased by an armored truck company. Business operations at the Site consist of vehicle maintenance activities and administration.

Site Characteristics & Design Parameters

The site lithology consists of fill overlying clay with occasional sand lenses, The fill layer is up to four feet thick and includes a diverse mix of clay, silt, sand, and gravel. The soil below the fill is generally silty clay with low plasticity. However, a one to two foot thick silty sand seam is located across the site between 10 and 15 feet below grade surface (ft bgs). The depth to water is about 6 ft bgs.

The remediation region covered an area of 5,500 ft2. The remediation was focused in two adjacent treatment areas that contained two distinct treatment intervals with maximum vertical extents ranging from 4 to 18 ft bgs. Soil sampling and analysis both by TRS and CRA identified a 2,500 ft2 subarea containing TCE concentrations above the soil saturation (Csat) value of 1,300 mg/kg. Most of these sample locations exceeding the Csat are found within the silty sand layer. The remaining 3,000 ft2 of treatment area contains concentrations of TCE much less than the Csat value.

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