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Brown City Michigan SORB 33 Arsenic Removal


Site Background

The City of Brown City, Michigan located about 60 miles north of Detroit, was awarded the first of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) treatment systems as part of the EPA Arsenic Removal Demonstration Program in June 2003. The EPA and its team of consultants on the Demonstration Program panel selected Severn Trent Services’ SORB 33® arsenic adsorption system for use at this site.

Brown City has two wells, Number 3 and 4, which distribute drinking water to a population of 1,300. During the demonstration, Well Number 3 was reserved for emergency backup and Well Number 4 became the sole source of water. Brown City’s Well No. 4 has a capacity of 640 gallons per minute (gpm) and is contained in a building that also houses a motor control center and chlorination unit. The well pump delivers water at a pressure of 60 psig to a storage tank. The well water has an arsenic (As) level of 19 micrograms per liter (μg/L), most as reduced As(III), and also contains a modest level of iron (Fe); typical of Michigan well waters. The original pump building required a significant increase in floorspace to facilitate the arsenic removal system.  Severn Trent Services contracted with the EPA to supply the arsenic removal system as well as manage the project ‘turnkey’ with the engineering, permitting and construction services.

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