Browner`s Legacy, Whitman`s Challenge: An Overview (PDF)

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Forrner U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Adrninistrator Carol Browner has always elicited a strong response. Whatever reaction she evokes, however, one tbing is certain: Carol Browner will long be rernembered. In her eight years as top protector of the environment, Browner was on the cutting edge of difficult, precedentsetting issues affecting a dazzling array of cornplex health, safety, and science policy issues. To sorne, Browner seems a tough act to follow. To others, Administrator Christine Todd Whitrnan, Browner’s successor, is the voice of rnoderation and reason - - and one that could not arrive soon enough.
Ibis Washington Watch column reviews Carol Browner’s tenure as EPA Administrator, and provides a brief overview of the challenges awaiting Govemor Wbiffiaii.

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