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Brownfield and site redevelopment case study


Courtesy of EFI Global, Inc.

Service performed:
Brownfield redevelopment

EFI Global performed removal of several underground storage tanks (USTs), coordinated transport and disposal of approximately 1,000 cubic yards of soil from the tank pit on an abandoned wood manufacturing facility located in a downtown area. The property was originally developed in the 1860’s consisting of various parking lots, warehouses and structures formerly used for wood manufacturing. Existing buildings were badly deteriorated and structural integrity concerns were apparent. Four of the five USTs were 20,000-gallon. In addition to the disposal of impacted soil, our experts performed removal, transport and disposal of 1,200 gallons of tank contents. Negotiations with state regulators ensued and a No Further Action status for the UST area. Upon final remediation, the property was redeveloped into a modern rail-served industrial facility.

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