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Brownfield investigation and remediation for a former foundry and dyeworks


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Client: Confidential

Location: Manchester, UK
Services: Contaminated Land Site Investigation, Human Health Risk Assessment, Remediation Supervision and Validation, Landfill Tax Exemption Report
Summary: ESI’s site investigation, risk assessment and remediation validation allowed the maximum land value to be realised at this site which was subject to contamination by heavy metals and petroleum hydrocarbons
In early 2003 ESI was commissioned to conduct a human health risk assessment for a former manufacturing plant occupying approximately 2.2ha and located around 13 km southwest of the centre of Manchester. The site was used for the manufacture of water and solvent-based inks.  Operations ceased in 2002 and the intention was to redevelop the site for residential use. 

Some previous site investigation work had been carried out in order to determine the nature and extent of any potential contamination.  ESI was commissioned by the client to undertake additional site investigation works and assess the potential risk to human health from the concentrations of contaminants detected in the ground. 

A review of available data was undertaken relating to the site, including site history, geology, hydrology and hydrogeology, and previous investigations of site contamination.  A site visit to verify the site conditions was also carried out. 

Conceptual site and exposure models were developed based upon the detected contaminant sources, potential contaminant transport pathways and receptors of concern for the proposed future land use.  Risk assessment for controlled water and human health linkages was then undertaken.

Contaminant concentrations were demonstrated to pose no significant risk to controlled water receptors.  Only arsenic exceeded the site-specific assessment criteria derived for the site.  The area containing elevated arsenic contamination was identified for remediation by excavation and replacement with clean fill.  Validation data collected after the completion of remedial works demonstrated that the site was fit for residential redevelopment.

ESI is recognised as a UK centre of excellence for groundwater modelling, and is contracted by both public and private organisations to carry out similar work.

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