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Brownian motion of magnetic nanoparticles as a source of energy?


Brownian motion of magnetic nanoparticles in a low–density gas can induce random voltage pulses in a microscopic electric circuit containing a high–number–of–turns coil and a classical diode rectifier. The amplitude of the voltage pulses is estimated and the rectification condition examined. We have shown that in our toy–model nanogenerator where the motion of the magnetic nanoparticle is restricted to one–dimensional rotation around its vertical axis and the nanoparticle is inserted into a very low number–density gas (3 × 1016 m-3) one can generate voltage pulses of the amplitude of 3 × 10-8 V in one coil turn. The total number of 106 turns is then necessary to reach the rectifying region.

Keywords: Brownian motion, magnetic nanoparticles, electromagnetic induction, diode rectifier, nanotechnology, nanogenerators, energy sources, voltage pulses

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