BRT- Bag Opener versus Screw Bunker


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A proverb says many ways go to Rome. There are many ways to open and empty waste bags. One option is to use screw bunkers for this purpose.We compared this method to the operating principle of our SCHLITZ-O-MAT Bag Opener

SCHLITZ-O-MAT opens and empties waste bags and disperses the material. It remains largely undamaged and the individual material parts stay clean. Clean and loose material facilitates downstream sorting and increases both sorting quality and quantity.

The ripping drum of SCHLITZ-O-MAT accomplishes an opening rate of almost 100%. SCHLITZ-O-MAT is insensitive to disruptinve materials. Large, difficult or entangling materials are processed with ease.

SCHLITZ-O-MAT is maintenance friendly and needs only few servicing. All works can be made by own personnel and within only few hous.

Screw bunkers open the bags through friction and compresses the material components. This way, all material becomes dirty. Clean and dirty material comes together and soils all. Both aspects make sorting difficult and expensive.

Because the thorns in the opening channel of the screw bunker cause material jam and blockages, they are usually removed. This however results in a lower bag opening rate.

Depending from throughput and material composition, screw and bunker coating have to be reworked at least once a year. Repair is only possible 2-3 times. Then a complete exchange is necessary.

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