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Bruker Launches Stand-Alone FTIR Imaging Microscope LUMOS II


Courtesy of Bruker Corporation

Bruker Corporation today announced the launch of the automated, stand-alone FTIR imaging microscope LUMOS II, which provides ultrafast FTIR imaging capabilities based on modern focal-plane array (FPA) detector technology in its high-end version.

The new LUMOS II is designed to identify particles, to determine coatings and contaminations, and to reveal polymeric compositions. The LUMOS II can be used for quality control and failure analysis in various industries such as pharma, polymers, chemical and electronics, as well as in forensics.

The LUMOS II records IR spectra and images in transmission, reflection and attenuated total reflection (ATR) mode. Its standard version is equipped with an actively cooled MCT detector, and requires no liquid nitrogen for high sensitivity measurements.

The LUMOS II can now accommodate up to three different detectors to adapt to specific applications.

The LUMOS II combines best microscopy and spectral performance with highest user convenience. Its ATR crystal is motorized and integrated into the objective, allowing the LUMOS II to perform under full automation in all modes. Its intuitive user interface provides beginners and experts with an easy way to achieve rapid results with this powerful FTIR imaging microscope.

The LUMOS II fulfills the requirements of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). Additional validation options are available for compliance with cGMP/GMP, US, Chinese, European and Japanese Pharmacopeias, as well as 21 CFR Part11.

Most options for the LUMOS II are upgradeable. A system configured for routine use can later optionally be upgraded into a high-end imaging microscope. Thanks to the tightly sealed ZnSe optics, the LUMOS II is inert to moisture and does not require dried air, or a nitrogen purge.

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