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Laser Particle Size Analyzer

BT-Online1 Online Particle Size Analyzer is an on-line particle size monitoring system for real-time particle size monitoring and control in powder manufacturing industries. Driven by Standard Operation Procedure (SOP), it automatically samples, measures, recovers and processes data directly from the powder delivery pipeline, providing 24-hour particle size detection and control for a variety of dry powder production lines.

Measurement: Particle size

Particle size range: 0.1 to 1000µm

Dispersion type: Dry

Technology: Laser diffraction

Nanoparticle Size Analyzer Features and Benefits

Measuring range: 0.1 to 1000µm

Accuracy: ≤3% (GBRM D50)

Repeatability: ≤3% (GBRM D50)

Standard Operation Procedure (SOP)

Automatic Centering

Automatic Alignment

Detector: 68 pieces

Typical interval measurement time: ≥1 min

High-performance fiber lasers with long life span