BTC coatings for trouble-free Boiler Operation


Courtesy of Castolin Eutectic

In April 2014, the CastoLab® Division of Eutectic Canada performed an on-site coating contract for a Steel Mill. The work was performed on a critical section of the Fume Extraction Ducting: a series of water cooled tubes which remove heat from the exhaust fumes exiting the drop box. Conveyed within the ducting is hot ash debris which is corrosive and very abrasive. In this particular job, the bottom section of the duct had lost 50% of the original tube thickness, due to localized wear above the drop box.

Eutectic’s solution was to provide a protective barrier to prevent any further exposure of the tubes to the abrasive particles. Utilizing Eutectic’s global experience and applications data bank, a proven alloy BTC system was agreed upon and the coating work was successfully applied by our CastoLab Services team. The work was performed under confined space restrictions during the steel mill four-day shut down. In addition to the unique metal coating, further protection from corrosion was guaranteed using a custom BTC densification material. The entire coating system is planned to provide maximum protection and trouble-free operation for a minimum of 2 years. The customer will monitor the project results but, based on the increased life expectancy and high replacement costs for new ducting, he is expecting to use this coating system on future applications.

Eutectic Castolin’s protective coatings significantly extend the service life of worn boiler components, making them last longer than uncoated new parts. Eutectic Castolin, a global company dedicated to wear protection, initiated the BTC Solutions program in 2010.

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