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BugLab Visits The MiL


Courtesy of Microbe Inotech Laboratories, Inc

The MiL was recently visited by Dr. Martin Debreczeny, Ph.D. and co-founder of BugLab, LLC. Dr. Debreczeny brought with him BugLab’s BE2100(R) Biomass Monitor, which is a non-invasive optical monitoring system that is designed to measure biomass growth from a wide variety of glass vessels and stainless steel vessels with viewing ports.

Unlike traditional optical biomass probes, which are limited in range and sensitivity, the BE2100(R) utilizes an array of infrared lasers and detectors that are sensitive to different ranges of biomass changes.

The software included with the BE2100(R) allows users to track the progress of cell cutlures in real time, and the output can be calibrated to any desired units (OD, g/L, cells/mL, etc.).

The MiL, Inc. was excited to host Dr. Debreczeny and to get a closer look at the technology shaping our industry.

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