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Building part L2b new build complete report case study


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Introduction to your Ti Thermal Imaging LTD internal building inspection

Inspection Details
Survey commissioned by: Sample Construction
Contact Name:
Purpose of Survey: Part L2 Insulation Continuity Investigation
Reason for survey: Part of specification to check the presence of Rockwall insulation
Survey Inspection Notes: After initial s|te inspection and briefing with the site supervisor, relevant PPE was utilised. Internal and external surface temperatures were recorded and then external and internal threshold temperatures were calculated and ambient temperatures were also recorded. Imaqes were then captured of all elevations and a areen isotherm presents itself at areas of anomalous temperature readinas or specifically where the TCso/TCsi has been breached. These images were then processed into Visual Fault Documentation Pages for review. An executive summary has been produced summarising the fault areas with suspected root cause and recommended remedial action.
Property Construction Details: 2012 built internal claddinq with 180mm side. 240mm roof Rockwool, cavity wall 100mm
Applicable Formulas: YES
Inspection Commencing: 05.00
Weather: Dry
Wind Speed: 2mph
Ambient Temperature Internal: 16°C
Ambient Temperature External: 5°C
Temperature Delta between Internal and External: 11°C

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