Building waste and ballistic separator - a worthwhile matter

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Efficient sorting for sustainable recycling instead of just pure disposal. That is the motto for dealing with building waste. 

What do you understand by the expression building waste?

This is a collective expression for the diverse types of waste that occur on building sites. This includes mixtures of mineral and non mineral materials (e.g. stone mixed with wood, sheets of plastic, iron components, electrical cables, foils, paper and cardboard).

Disposing of this mixture of materials without sorting causes very high costs, and means that you lose the opportunity to recycle the recyclable materials included in the waste in a profitable manner.

Why ballistics and not a large parts screen?

By using a ballistic separator the mixture of materials can be separated into coarse, voluminous parts and flat components. Additionally another sieve fraction can be produced.

Via the ballistic separation of foils, papers, cardboard, and sheets, usually a clean flat fraction can be produced, which can be further processed into surrogate fuels or fed into the secondary raw material circuit.

The coarse components are ballistically separated and usually re-sorted by hand. Wood, metal and all other materially recyclable materials go directly to special recycling plants.

Building waste, brick and stone are processed in a recycling plant, where they are broken and classified into pre-specified grain sizes according to particular specifications.

The robust construction of the BALL-SORT HV also enables it to be used in other difficult cases such as household rubbish, renaturisation of landfill sites and commercial waste – just ask us.

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