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Builiding communities... empowering communities: Case of Gawad Kalinga Villages

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Gawad Kalinga is a non government organization that helps build communities. By building each village, the target beneficiaries are provided a sense of security by having a decent home and tenure for their lands. Each community should have access to education, health care, livelihood and other ancillary facilities. The villages that it has helped establish are mostly located in the provinces  with a good mix of community settings ranging from urban slums to resettlement areas for disaster victims. Other sites especially in the National Capital Region are simply subjected to re-blocking in an attempt to make available necessary basic infrastructures needed for a community to progress (i.e. water supply and sanitation facilities); increase resiliency; as well as promote multi-faceted development. GK’s thrusts are deeply rooted on empowering the beneficiaries, enabling them to break away from the vicious cycle of poverty, through caring (i.e. kalinga) and bayanihan.

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