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Built to last: why BAAN continues to be successful

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A company that is "built to last" is no flash in the pan, but one that will continue to grow and have a long-term influence on its environment. Vision and dynamism are determinative in order to achieve this. The combination of innovation and conservatism is striking. The core values and the core objective form the immutable, guiding values, principles, and preconditions. This paper describes the Baan Company as a visionary company, and discusses in particular the timeless aspects. Baan's immutable values, principles, and preconditions relate to the work ethic, stewardship, pioneering, the industrial approach, entering into strategic cooperative relationships, client-orientation, an open, informal organisation and serving leadership. Stability in this area has allowed Baan to be a great innovator in other areas.

Keywords: conservatism, continuous growth, core values, dynamism, initiative, innovation, integrity, leadership, stewardship, vision

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