Buried Waste Containment - Soil Excavation, Emission Abatement


Courtesy of Rusmar Inc.

Products & Equipment Used:
  • Pneumatic Foam Unit 400/25
  • Bulk Storage & Dilution System (BSD)
  • AC-645 Long Duration Foam
  • AC-904 Long Duration Foam

Application Summary:

Uniroyal Chemical disposed of an extensive list of waste chemicals collected in unlined pits. This was normal before hazardous waste regulation in Canada prohibited such practices.

Uniroyal Chemical contacted Conestoga-Rovers and Associates, Ltd. to develop and oversee a remediation plan for closing the pits. A significant part of the plan addressed emissions control during excavation and several alternatives were considered.

In a pilot test at Uniroyal Chemical, it was determined that foam technology did an outstanding job of providing emissions attenuation during excavation.

Uniroyal Chemical, Conestoga-Rovers and Ambler-Courtney, Ltd. (who was awarded the clean-up contract), agreed to use Rusmar Incorporated AC-645 and AC-904 Long Duration Foam because of their superior performance and cost effectiveness, as well as the user-friendliness of the dispensing equipment. Rusmar Incorporated delivered bulk quantities of foam concentrate, which afforded the customer a superior logistical set-up - no additional labor was required for drum handling or disposal, system preparation, cleanup, etc. Additionally, the bulk set-up successfully addressed a critical lead-time for future chemical requirement. This requirement was critical because of the magnitude of the excavation (approximately 30,000 cubic yards) and the strict deadline that was placed on the completion of the project. The project was completed in approximately 2 months with no delays due to emissions.

Customer comments

  1. By Scott Boness on

    It is my understanding the Rusmar product is no longer used as it was deemed ineffective and as a result has been replaced with ConCover.