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Burra foods installs Hydroflux Hy-Daf Hd75 for Korumburra factory - Case study


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For over two decades Burra Foods has been producing value-added dairy products and supplying to a global market. As a sustainability and community focused company the construction of a multi-million dollar milk drying facility in 2009 also saw the development of a new effluent plant that enabled recycling of the water back into the local creek.

Continuous improvement is part of the Burra Foods strategy, and Hydroflux Industrial take pride in supporting Burra Foods through the supply of a new Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) unit to improve upon the performance and reliability of the effluent plant. Hydroflux Industrial supplied a HyDAF HD75 to process a nominal flowrate of 75 m3/hr of dairy wastewater.

The HD75 system is manufactured from stainless steel with a unique counter current scraping system to maximise sludge dryness. The fully enclosed guarding system allows cleaning to be conducted without the possibility of water spray on surrounding equipment.
One of the other main features of the HyDAF system is the dissolved air production unit which is specifically sized to generate sufficient dissolved air based on the solids and grease loads. In this case the Hydroflux Saturator 400 operating with an llkW recycle pump uses far less energy that other conventional DAF systems.

The overall DAF process involves pH control and flocculation to precipitate milk fats that enhance the performance and result in low concentrations of grease thus significantly lowering the BOD to allow improvement in the operation of the downstream secondary treatment plant.

The project was undertaken as a complete design, construct and installation contract in 2014.

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