Business Intelligence and Environmental Management

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The integration of Business Intelligence tools with an organization’s Environmental Management System or EMS and lead to significant cost reductions and more effective implementation of environmental goals. Business Intelligence tools are used for measuring operational performance. From an EMS perspective, BI tools now provide an overarching look into the enterprise’s performances.

Doesn’t matter whether you are a single location or a global enterprise with a major carbon foot. Measurement creates accountability. You get results by tracking ownership of data and completion of activities. Measurement is essential in quantifying performance gaps and providing insights into root causes of inadequate performance. This article links environmental management and performance to strategic planning and operational execution via the use of specific BI tools. The tools allow the mapping and measuring of performance of business processes to environmental goals and objectives. Remember environmental performance software is rapidly evolving from an individual’s toolkit into an enterprise solution focused on increasing access to resources and overall participation across the organization.

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