Business management communication - are your skills up to the challenge?

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Although it did not seem so at the time, communicating with business managers was relatively easy during the 1970s and 80s.  The regulations dictated what was needed to modify manufacturing operations and companies spent billions to build pollution control systems.  But that was then; the challenge is so much different now.
One could also argue that the stakes now are much, much higher.  Environmental concerns have shifted from inside the fence line to global issues such as climate change.  Opportunities have shifted from cost savings through recycling and reuse to competitive positioning through green product marketing.  While in the past the requirements were narrowly defined, today there are broad voluntary guidelines on how to create a 'sustainable company.'
Communicating a coherent strategy and guiding business management through this maze requires excellent communication and persuasion skills.  Some are born with these requisite talents, and others must painstakingly learn them.

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