Business thrives in North America for ISO`s management system standards

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ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 are thriving in North America! This is the message that emerges from the following overview of developments in Canada, Mexico and the USA, specially written for ISO 9000 + ISO 14000 News by Stewart Anderson 1) , Director of Research for Globus International Quality Group Inc., based in Toronto, Canada. Globus maintains the Globus Registry database of quality assured companies, a leading information resource on organizations that have adopted ISO management system standards.

Mr. Anderson reports that “the major driving force for ISO 9000 adoption in North America is customer demand” in business-to-business relations, with leading organizations driving registration through their supplier bases. The automotive industry, in particular, is responsible for setting in motion a big wave of registrations due to the impact of its QS-9000 requirements, the sector-specific version of ISO 9000. Mr. Anderson also includes in his overview the aerospace industry’s ISO 9000-based requirements, AS9000, and the expected impact of the telecommunication sector’s TL 9000.

As far as ISO 14000 is concerned, certification has not yet reached a critical mass to achieve the same cascade effect through the supplier base and is more attributable to the interest and need of organizations to be early adopters, getting in on the ground floor of environmental management.

The article includes country and sectoral breakdowns of ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 and an outlook on future developments in the market place. Globus predicts sustained strong growth for ISO 9000 which, despite increasing adoption in recent years, is implemented by only 7,3 % of North American industry. Globus expects ISO 9000 registration in North America to reach 50 000 certificates in 2002.

Following the current trend, many organizations that have ISO 9000 will move to integrate an ISO 14000 system into their operations, while sectors with a high environmental profile, such chemicals, and petroleum, oil and gas will migrate to ISO 14000 as awareness of the standard grows and its market presence increases. ISO 14001 certification is expected to reach the 1000 mark in 2002.

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