Businesses offer a cautious welcome to CRC changes

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Business leaders cautiously welcome the simplification of CRC scheme, but urge government to deliver stable policy framework.

Business leaders have offered a cautious welcome to proposals to simplify the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, but many companies are still in shock about the government decision to keep any revenue it raises through the scheme, rather than recycle it to participants. The reaction follows yesterday’s publication by the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) of a consultation document outlining plans to push back the start of the trading part of the CRC scheme to 2013 to leave more time for improvements.

DECC’s consultation document also proposed exempting from the CRC scheme reporting organisations that only qualify as 'information declarers' - those which have at least one half hourly meter, but do not use enough energy to qualify as 'participants'. DECC’s consultation document has been welcomed by some sustainability experts as a way of saving time and money for firms, which added to the fact that the government has decided to keep the burden with the landlord, instead of the tenant, suggests the CRC scheme is unlikely to become a carbon tax.

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