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Buying into sustainability


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BSI's portfolio of business service products continues to grow, with the acquisition of Entropy International.

BSI Group has acquired one of the world's leading providers of performance and sustainability software solutions, Entropy International. This acquisition will enhance BSI's portfolio of management solutions for global business customers.

Entropy International, based in the UK and Canada, provides an integrated web-based tool for assessing and managing risk, performance and compliance across environment, health and safety, and quality management systems.

Entropy's offering is highly complementary to BSI's portfolio of business services products, which will in turn considerably broaden the application of Entropy's software system.

According to Hewitt Roberts, CEO of Entropy International, 'This is a hugely positive move for Entropy International and all of our stakeholders. This acquisition substantiates our market-leading position, will add strength and longevity to Entropy International and moves the Entropy System one step closer to being the de facto global standard for enterprise risk, compliance and performance management software.'

'This acquisition adds an important new dimension to the range of business solutions services which BSI offers,' adds Stevan Breeze, CEO of BSI Group.

'Entropy is continually developing its systems to maintain a 'best of breed' position in its market - through technical development, expansion of its expert knowledge base and its growing span of integrated applications.

'Becoming part of BSI can only accelerate this process as they join an organization with an established global infrastructure and reputation. We are delighted to welcome Entropy International to BSI Group.'

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