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Buying Tips: Crushing & Screening Equipment


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In India where the use of concrete and road aggregate has continued to expand due to the development of needed infrastructure, the use of good quality stone crushing equipment is very handy for a busy contractor with tight deadlines to meet, says Supreme Infrastructure India Ltd’s, Assistant General Manager - Procurement, Pankaj Udeshi.

Talking about what are the points to be considered for buying crushing and screening equipment for road building, Piero Guizzetti, CEO, MB Crusher India said, “The most important aspects of procurement decisions are related to the technical and financial parameters of the client requirements.”

On the technical side, he adds, it is important to understand the type and size of materials which is to be crushed and/ or screened, the application, the intended use for the crushed material, the level of personnel and machines to be allocated, and the type of site one has at its disposal.

Supreme Infrastructure India Ltd is a major EPC player having expertise in executing several large-scale projects by various central government agencies, state government agencies, municipal corporations and corporate houses. Though the company has not procured any crusher in the last two years, they have the strategy towards acquisition of quarrying land and bidding for projects that enables it to bid competitively around quarrying land and improve success ratio. It also ensures considerable reduction in input costs due to proximity of sites, admits Udeshi. He adds, “Except our permanent crusher where we have our own land we prefer compact and mobile crusher which we can move from site to site after completion of project with minimal logistical hassles.”

Crushing plant is a high value acquisition for any construction and mining company. With current government’s focus on making concrete roads has brought in sudden surge in requirement of crushing plants in Indian market. High volume requirement of aggregates in projects has lead on creation niche business companies working delicately on crushing business. “Major infrastructure companies have changed the business model by subletting the aggregate supply by dedicated agencies with commitment of supply instead of having own crusher and putting more focus on their core business of road construction,” informs Ratan Lal Kashyap, Sr. Vice President-Procurement, G R Infraprojects Ltd.

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