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BYD featured two series of electric forklift - forklift trucks


Following the pure electric car E6 pure electric bus K9 frequent overseas orders, the global leader in electric vehicle BYD pure electric forklift carrying the world's first powered 'iron battery' is a strong debut in the Feb. 19 opening of Stuttgart, Germany, international logistics and transport industry The exhibitions, which BYD pure electric forklift first released overseas.

BYD featured two series of electric forklift - forklift trucks (including 2.0T and 2.5T tonnage) and 2.0T Pallet truck, and officially announced its entry into the European market through this show. According to BYD announced in the beginning of 2013 to 2014, BYD pure electric forklift will formally enter the five European countries - the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, and France. BYD is actively in these markets are looking for a professional partner and service network. In addition, BYD, while in central Europe also plans to establish a parts warehouse library, store parts, warehousing Gallery will also be a logistics center of the forklift truck, to meet the demand for short-term supply.

It is reported that the lead-acid battery-powered forklift European forklift market mainstream products, but the short cycle life of lead-acid batteries, use and maintenance of the high cost, the pollution problems in the production and recycling process has always been not properly resolved. BYD electric car battery The BYD electric forklift equipped with 'iron battery', is one of the core technology of BYD's new energy industry. Iron battery has a long life cycle after 4000 charge and discharge capacity still remaining more than 75%, as a forklift power use, can be used more than 10 years do not have to replace the battery, and domestic lead-acid batteries need to be replaced every two years or so a primary battery. The iron battery efficiency up to 90%, compared to lead-acid battery is more than 40% reduction in power consumption. Maintenance costs, BYD iron battery electric forklift taken totally enclosed, maintenance-free design, completely eliminating the need for maintenance costs. The visible iron battery electric forklift use cost far lower than the lead-acid battery electric forklift. Environmental protection, 'iron battery the BYD electric forklift equipped not only to the production and use of links does not create any pollution, and recyclable, is the true sense of the green products.

The Mr. BYD European forklift business director Javier Contijoch said in an interview: 'BYD has multiple areas in new energy industry occupies a leading position, the significance considerably into the forklift industry, and believe there will be good prospects. BYD pure electric forklift truck is not only green, and the integrated use of cost far lower than traditional fuel forklifts and lead-acid battery forklift users 'profitable'.'s starting in Europe is sure to give a forklift truck market in Europe brought no small impact.'

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