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Platform C&L and purpose of ECHA

The ECHA has created this platform C&L to assist registrants and notifiers of chemicals in fulfilling their obligations and to meet the many different classifications that have been reported for many substances in the CLP Inventory.

The platform C&L provides an easy and safe way for companies to get in touch with notifiers and registrants of the same substance. The purpose of ECHA is to improve the quality of the Inventory CLP and to facilitate the work of small and medium-sized enterprises to the classification drawn up by larger companies.

Platform C&L: what is it?

Access to the platform C&L is restricted to registrants and notifiers of the same substances, but users have the option of going into the discussion using a pseudonym. 

The platform C&L is accessible only throught the CLP Inventory. In particular, when two or more classifications for the same substance have been notified, will be provided a link to the discussion in the summary page for that substance in the inventory. Only registrants and notifiers who have submitted a notification for the particular substance can access through their credentials REACH-IT the discussion forum. 

Once you have reached agreement on the classification of a substance on the platform  C&L, companies registrants and notifiers will have to update their notification to ECHA and it will appear on the website of CLP in the public inventory. 
The Agency ECHA is organizing a webinar for March using the platform C&L.

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