Cadbury Schweppes - Case Study


Courtesy of FogBusters, Inc.

The effluent now initially treated by the Forbuster system efficiently removes the solid debris before de-oiling the effluent. Wedge wire screen now works as designed to remove fine solids and carbon from the ovens. All downstream processes operating at peak efficiencies. Site is now compliant with the effluent standards required, odor was dispelled and sludge haulage costs significantly reduced. Surcharges have reduced by 80% and the bonus, recovered oil sales are yielding approx $ 8,500 per month.High fat (Palm Oil) in chocolate processing ending up in wash water. The building listed as 19th century mill producing chocolate for over 100 years; consequently the drainage system was inadequate.

Demonstrations using a Fogbuster system proved successful in removing the fat to less than 60ppm. Subsequently a 100 GPM
Fogbuster JrTM was customized for this site, using a heated oil valve as well as specialized filters.

The Fogbuster was successful in removing the Fat to below 60ppm and has relieved the pressure on the drainage system and the
effluent plant.

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