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Cadmium ion removal by electroflotation onto sewage sludge biomass

Non–living, anaerobically digested, Activated–Sludge (AS) was examined (laboratory–scale experiments) as possible biosorbent for the removal of cadmium from dilute aqueous solutions. The application of electroflotation to the suspended biomass, was investigated in this paper as an effective solid/liquid separation technique for the metal–loaded biosorbent particles. The main parameters influencing this combined bioremediation process were examined, including the electric current density, flotation time, pH value, biomass addition and cadmium ion concentration, as well as the solution ionic strength. Promising results were obtained, as removals over 90% were achieved for both metal and biomass during one–stage.

Keywords: activated sludge, biosorbent, flotation, separation, toxic metals, cadmium removal, electroflotation, sewage sludge biomass, bioremediation

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