Calculating Region Intersections


Courtesy of SoilVision Systems Ltd.

SVOffice™ 2009 supports overlapping geometry, but complex 2D models may benefit from non-overlapping geometry. SVOffice™ 2009 includes a tool to make this operation easy. It operates in one of two modes: an automatic mode that attempts to generate all non-overlapping geometry, and a manual mode that provides tools for determining intersections, unions, subtractions, and exclusive-or operations. The manual mode includes settings to generate new regions, modify existing regions, and to remove clipping regions after use.

Use the following steps to access this feature:

  • Open the model to be modified,
  • Select Model > Geometry > Tools > Intersection...,
  • Use the Automatic tab to auto-generate region intersections, or
  • Use the Manual tab to access detailed functions for intersection, union, subtraction, and exclusive-or,
  • Adjust the options on the Manual tab to generate new regions, modify existing ones, and remove clipping regions after use.

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