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Calibration and characterisation of extremity dosimeters

The increasing use of radiation in the medical field is providing great advances in health improvement. However, these techniques can generate an increase in the number of professionals exposed to radiation. The Brazilian authorities (Brazilian Nuclear Energy Commission ? CNEN) have imposed the monitoring of specific body parts of professionals. One of these obligations is the monitoring of the extremities of these professionals, so as to verify the application of the radiology protection principles through the comparison of the values of dose that are found with the limits permitted by the current legislation. The objective of this paper is the calibration and characterisation of the extremity dosimeters made at CDTN/CNEN in the 'Personal Dose Equivalent for Extremities ? Hp (0.07)' quantity, using a finger simulator in gamma radiation fields and X-ray; and to base the calibration process of the system on the international legislation.

Keywords: personal dose equivalent, extremity dosimeters, calibration, characterisation, low radiation, radiation exposure, Brazil, human extremities, radiology protection, finger simulator, gamma radiation fields, X-rays

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