California Climate Registry defining greenhouse gas (GHG) tracking and reporting requirements

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The California Climate Action Registry, also known as the California Climate Registry, is a program under the supervision of the Climate Action Reserve. The Registry works to solve the problems caused by climate change through the enhancement of reporting requirements.

They were 20 members of the California Climate Registry when it was originally formed. This figure ballooned to more than 300 members, including CEOs and officials of corporations, universities, government agencies, cities and counties involved in environmental issues. These organizations voluntarily measure, oversee and subsequently report greenhouse gas emissions. This unprecedented collective action works towards finding a solution to our climate change problem.

The California Climate Registry members keenly participate in proactive measures to verify their greenhouse gas emissions. The state of California recognizes their foresight and offers appropriate consideration. When future state, federal or international GHG regulations are brought in, the members’ foresight will be recognized.

The California Climate Registry was formed following a lobby from a group of chief executive officers. Following the lobby, a bill was introduced to the California state legislature, prompting Gov. Gray Davis to sign a bill into law on October 13, 2001 forming the registry.

Climate change is an issue that affects all of us and the California Climate Registry recognized that this issue went beyond state borders. Thus the Climate Registry took over the duties of emissions reporting, although the California organization continues to operate as a program under the auspices of the Climate Action Reserve, representing its host members.

The Climate Action Reserve will work to ensure environmental benefits, integrity and progressive movement continues in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, policies and reductions. Part of this program, under the umbrella of the Reserve, is the California Climate Registry.

The members of the California Action Registry will continue to be actively involved in the discovery and introduction of market based solutions for the problem of greenhouse gas emissions. They will also be involved in the construction of relevant regulations in this important fight.

Organizations that are involved in the creation of greenhouse gases recognize that emissions reporting is an increasingly important consideration and of strategic importance to their organizations. As regulation forces these companies to consider their reporting methods, many are turning to software driven applications and programs to help them gather and report the relevant data.

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