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California Power Plant


Courtesy of Element Markets LLC

Location: South Coast Air District
Project Completed: 2011

A power company developing a project in the Los Angeles area was in need of both Emission Reduction Credits (ERCs) and Annual NOx and SOx RECLAIM Trading Credits (RTCs). The company called on Element Markets expertise. We first helped senior management become comfortable with the complexities of environmental credit strategies, and we assisted in their budgeting phase.

The client was required to purchase the ERCs before permitting and construction could begin. Thanks to our deep experience dealing in credit markets, we were able to selectively enter at an optimal time to procure the ERCs under budget. We also devised an optimal strategy for acquiring RTCs for annual compliance, which allowed procurement to occur over time and effectively walk down the market to significantly come under budget. Now our client has achieved annual RECLAIM compliance through a portfolio optimized to produce yearly revenue from the RTCs. In essence, we have helped our client turn expenses into profits.

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