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California pumping with Singer metering valve - Case Study


Courtesy of Singer Valve Inc.

Their Challenge

In Southern California’s semi-arid climate, the Santa Margarita Water District relies on imported water to supply its customers. At its Plaza Pump Station, source water was coming in through a hydraulic control valve, which wasn’t functioning consistently. The high-pressure differential was causing cavitation and therefore damage in the control valve. And the district was unable to measure the amount of water being pumped from another water agency. 

Our Solution 

One Singer solenoid flow control valve was fitted with Singer’s Anti-Cavitation Trim so it can handle the pressure drop. Metering functions allows Santa Margarita to control and verify the volume of water taken. And the valve has an automated control panel so it can be monitored on site or remotely.

The Result 

The valve can break 100 pounds of pressure without cavitation damage and the metering function solves the guessing game of how much water is flowing. As a result, the district has installed other Singer valves and control systems throughout its distribution system.

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