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Caltex kurnell refinery case study


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Caltex is Australia's leading transport fuel supplier and convenience retailer and the only integrated oil refining and marketing company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

The Kurnell Refinery was first built in the 1950's to provide fuel to NSW Australia. The Kurnell refinery is located overlooking Botany Bay near Sydney. The refinery has a complex network of real time monitoring equipment coupled with a broad range of periodic sampling requirements to comply with its Environmental Licence.

This provides a vast array of data from pH and stack data measured every minute to quarterly laboratory analysis from groundwater sampling.

The requirements of the Monitor Pro Implementation were three fold. First was to capture data from all of the varying sources including the plants OSISoft PI Historian, which takes data directly from the real time measuring devices. Previously, to report on this data staff linked PI to Excel but this provided no real security or auditability of the results. Second was to provide a reporting solution to the recent POEO Licence changes in NSW and third was to provide a reporting solution for the Load Based Licencing (LBL) and National Pollution Inventory (NPI) requirements.

PI Integration
MP-5 can import data from a variety of sources. The PI importer is specifically designed to import data from a PI Historian. First the PI 'Tags' which are used in PI to define the data needed to be understood and defined. Then we could agree which Tags included the data we needed to bring into MP-5. This largely included all the data captured in real time for the requirements of the licence (other data is captured for management of the refinery process). Once this list of Tags were established the PI Importer could be set up to query the PI database on a set schedule and import the required data.

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