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Campus water feature in Rotterdam Project - Case Study


Courtesy of Trisoplast Mineral Liners International Bv

Studying can be hard work, but a pleasant and green study environment can help make it easier. At Trisoplast we are pleased to do our bit to help the students. We are particularly proud of the work we did on the new Erasmus University Rotterdam campus, where we created a 3750 m2 water feature.

Green environment
The work involved constructing a water feature of 3750 m2 and a fountain as part of an enormous campus restructuring project for Erasmus University Rotterdam. The project commenced in 2010 and included the construction of a new residential building, a pavilion and a fitness room. The water feature at the entrance to the new campus forms an important showpiece for the University.

Another feather in our cap
The design by Advin Engineering formed the foundation for a spectacular water feature in park-like surroundings. Trisoplast was selected in the design phase because it is quick to install over any subsurface and it ensured simple but robust joins between the liner and the other materials, such as the concrete foundations of the bridge. Thanks to various donations, a fountain was also installed, and prunus trees now give colour to the whole. The result? A mark of 9 and another feather in our cap!

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