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CAMxRunner: a modular framework for efficient chemical transport modelling


Since many political decisions concerning air quality are based on models, modelling reproducibility and quality assurance are of interest to a wide audience. We developed a modular computer program called CAMxRunner to address this need. CAMxRunner automates runs of the Comprehensive Air quality Model with extensions (CAMx) including pre– and post–processing. Except for the preparation of a configuration file, manual steps are eliminated. CAMxRunner can break the sequential day–by–day structure of the classical approach and allows for parallel pre– and post–processing, speeding up the process. Using this approach, we could speed up a model run by a factor of two.

Keywords: CAMxRunner, air quality modelling, CTM, chemical transport models, CAMx, standardisation, automation, reproducibility, preprocessing, postprocessing, pre–processing, post–processing, parallelisation, air pollution, dispersion modelling

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