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Can I monitor multiple points on one datalogger?


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Yes – using the Ebro EBI-310 USB datalogger you can monitor up to 3 points with one unit.

The logger has a built in sensor, but by adding an adapter and external probes the one unit can monitor the temperature of up to 3 locations.

This could mean monitoring the laboratory room temperature, an incubator and a freezer with one simple unit.

Just built a system to suit your site from the 3 component parts…

1. The Datalogger

The EBI-310 datalogger unit has a built in temperature sensor for monitoring from -30°C to +75°C.

To program the unit simply plug in to a USB port on your PC and use the free to download Winlog Basic software. In the software you can set the logging rate and limits for the unit as well as each external probe – these can differ for each one.

2. The TPX 310 Adaptor

The TPX 310 adaptor simply clips onto the logger unit and allows 2 external sensors to be connected.

3. The TPX 310 External Probes

Select 2 external probes to suit the environments you will be mointoring – different cable lengths, materials and temperature ranges are available;

  • TPX 310-P1 – for -200 to +200°C, short 45mm x 5mm blunt probe on a 3m PTFE cable
  • TPX 310-P2 – for -200 to +200°C, long 130mm x 3mm blunt probe on a 3m PTFE cable
  • TPX 310-P3 – for -200 to +200°C, long 130mm x 3mm blunt probe on a 1m PTFE cable
  • TPX 310-P4 – for -200 to +400°C, short 50mm x 1.5mm blunt probe on a 3m metal cable

The complete system will allow monitoring of 3 locations at once – for example the logger could be mounted on the lab wall to log the ambient temperature, while the 2 probes feed into incubators, ovens, freezers or fridges nearby.

For larger sites where more locations needs to be monitored, or where the different logging points are far apart, the wireless EBI 25 system may be more suited as this allows remote wireless monitoring of as many points as required.

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