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Can technology assist NFM (Natural Floodplain Management) and by extension SUDs solutions?


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At Aquobex and our partners Groundwater Dynamics we believe it can. In fact, we believe it will allow the ideas to be migrated and implemented in urban areas as well.

Natural Floodplain Management (NFM) is an emerging solution that is gaining traction with communities and the Environment Agency for a number of reasons aside from simply Slowing the Flow of impending flood events.

A natural approach to flood management such as the introduction of beavers, leaky dams and the restoration of wooded areas and moorlands has many aesthetic and environmental benefits as well.

We are certainly advocates of planting more trees but in the short term we are not going to see any reduction in flow rates from this activity, until they reach a certain maturity and we certainly cannot plant enough trees in suburbia to make any sort of impact to flow rates.

But rather than restricting the NFM solutions to being purely natural why not consider a technology that mimics nature?

EGRP (Energy-passive Groundwater Replenishment Pump) is one such technology we are attempting to introduce into the NFM and SUDs spaces.

Conceptually it is a simple system which comprises a number of plastic rods being bored into the ground at various depths between 1.5m & 12m.

EGRP Tubes and End Cap
The first stage is an ISO 22282-2 Geo-hydraulic infiltration test drilling exercise to ascertain the local Drainage Design Rate.

Once this has been identified stage 2 is the production of an engineering Drainage Design Statement (using industry standard software) detailing the half drain-down times within a 24 hour period, for a chosen storm event (with an allowance for Climate Change).

Finally the system design is backed by Groundwater Dynamics’s Professional Indemnity Insurance with warranties signed off for Local Authorities by their engineering partners.