Can Upholstery Cleaners Really Make A Difference In Commercial Areas?

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Upholstery cleaners are often used for many auto detailing and domestic cleaning jobs. These cleaning machines are ideal for tackling the interiors of small vehicles to RVs to boat interiors. They can also be very handy for cleaning up a sticky spot or stain on the couch or carpet at home. These systems have many uses in other commercial capacities as well. The hotel industry and other areas of the hospitality sector in particular, can benefit from upholstery cleaning units in a number of different ways.

The Sofa in the Lobby
In order to understand the need for good upholstery cleaners, we need to understand the cleaning needs of a place like a hotel lobby. The hotel lobby is a very important place for a number of different reasons. Not only is it openly visible to guests and visitors, it also sees a lot of traffic. Because these areas are so visible, hotels take special efforts to ensure the carpeting and the furniture always looks the very best. However, the constant traffic does not make this an easy task. From a spilled drink to a child’s muddy shoe to dropped cigarette ash, a hotel lobby sofa often has to deal with different stains and debris. Cleaning these kinds of deposits is not always an easy task. The job needs to be done quickly but it needs to be done effectively as well.

The best upholstery cleaners for commercial areas do not rely on any kind of harsh chemical cleaning agents to remove dirt and debris. Upholstery cleaning should be used with green cleaning chemicals to remove sediments and stains that may be deeply embedded in the upholstery. This means that there is no risk of harsh chemical traces or fumes being left behind after cleaning. By using the right type of wands, these units can easily clean hard-to-reach areas.

Suction and Extraction
When choosing the right upholstery cleaner machines and upholstery cleaning machines for commercial areas, drying times need to be considered. Certain upholstery steam cleaners and carpet cleaners use large amounts of water for cleaning. This means the upholstery is often quite damp afterwards and takes a long time to dry out completely. This could lead to foul odors or germ and bacteria growth if the upholstery can’t dry out completely. Damp upholstery also poses an inconvenience as guests will not be able to use the area until it has dried out completely. It is not very feasible for a hotel to cordon off their lobby for hours on end, simply so the upholstery can dry out. To avoid this problem, it is better to invest in cleaning units like XTreme Power carpet cleaner, upholstery steam cleaner that rely more on suction and extraction powers to remove dirt.

Upholstery cleaners and carpet cleaners that use less water for cleaning do not compromise on cleaning power in any way. These upholstery cleaning machines and upholstery steam cleaner machines use precise and strong suction power in order to loosen and remove sedimentation and debris completely. In this way, the upholstery can dry out completely and quickly, without the risk of foul odors or germ growth.


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