Can we reposition the preferred geological conditions necessary for an infil

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The quantity and quality of feed water for desalting is critical for efficient operation of a desalination plant. This paper considers a synthetic permeable system designed to take advantages of the advances in directional drilling as well as incorporate the use of geotextile fabrics to transfer the preferred infiltration characteristics to any coastal site. The filtered seawater collection system removes undesirable elements from feed water such as garbage, debris, volatile organics, suspended solids and biologics such as toxic algae. Elimination of all stages of plankton greatly reduces impingement and eliminates entrainment from fouling the system. The synthetic infiltration gallery overcomes existing limitations due to constraints imposed by the geological conditions at the construction site. This system comprises a subterranean reservoir installed at a sheltered location, a borehole created by directional drilling, a pipe or series of pipes extending from the reservoir into the open ocean. The terminal end of the intake is overlain with marine mattresses with filtration media sachets. The intake receives water infiltrated through these sachets.

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