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Can You Avoid Workplace Injuries? What You Need to Know.


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Perfection is an admirable goal but an unattainable standard. While you can’t completely eliminate workplace injuries, you can effectively reduce risk by following these safety tips that apply to any business or industry.

1. Maintain a Clean Workplace

Cleanliness is more than just a matter of eye appeal. Untidy workplaces can force employees to operate in a constricted space that doesn’t allow for free movement. In addition, clutter can cause obstacles that result in tripping, twisting and other accidents.

2. Conduct Ongoing Training

Training should include instruction in proper safety procedures as well as job duties. Periodic refresher courses reinforce good habits and keep employees up-to-date on the latest safety methods.

3. Avoid Shortcuts

Saving a bit of time here and there is not worth the risk of incurring serious injuries. Make sure your employees are not sacrificing safety in pursuit of greater efficiency.

4. Encourage Accurate Reporting

Employees may be reluctant to report accidents and injuries for fear of losing work time or being blamed for the problem. Emphasize the importance of accurate reporting so that injuries can receive medical attention and safety hazards can be corrected.

5. Provide Proper Equipment

Many workplace injuries are caused by poor body mechanics due to improper equipment. It’s well worth the investment to supply your employees with quality equipment that relieves stress on muscles and joints.

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