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What's the difference between this organic brand and that one? When something is '100% natural,' what does that actually mean? How did this product get here, where did the materials come from, and who made it? Is what I buy safe for my home, my family, and my children?

Canadians are greener than ever and that’s creating questions about purchases and product content.

No problem! ZOLD Eco-Sales Agency, which represents over 40 trusted manufacturers with safe, quality eco-products, is here to simplify our green buying efforts.

With marketing agencies and corporations always creating 'new and unique' definitions for the term 'green', ZOLD believes in education. Educating our retailers and consumers is paramount to ensure the success of our ideals: to get safer and greener products into the mainstream of retail Canada.

In a nutshell, ZOLD provides eco, quality products to Canadian retailers and resellers. As Canada’s largest green products provider, ZOLD excels in service, logistics, and brand management, while providing the finest natural and organic products to the marketplace. ZOLD’s customer base ranges from organic markets, baby & children stores, spas and institutional buyers, among others.

The positive response for our eco-products has been deafening. It's one of the main reasons that ZOLD has been able to quickly move from its Calgary, Alberta roots to the national market leader for eco-products in Canada.

ZOLD has a team of representatives across Canada; most importantly, at the heart of the company is its dedicated President and Owner, Rob Siegmund. Rob is a new breed of entrepreneur - the type who cares about personally connecting to all of his clients and partners.

'Until all participants in the eco supply chain share the responsibilities of Great Products, Great Service and Great Price; we will not successfully integrate the ideology of environmental best practices into the mainstream,' he says.

'Consumers cannot afford to simply purchase an item because it is 'green.' People want to purchase the item that solves their needs at a price they can afford.'

Here's a recent interview clip with Rob doing what he does best – talk with conviction and passion about how ZOLD is changing the face of the green industry here in Canada.

Statistics Canada* shows that Canadians are - now more than ever - recycling, investing in energy conservation, and taking steps towards greener alternatives. Local farmers' markets have seen drastic growth in business and popularity all across the country, according to a study conducted last year by Farmers' Markets Canada. Overall, we're becoming more concerned about living a healthier, greener lifestyle here in Canada.

Companies are more than willing to oblige this shift in consumer mentality. Nowadays, it's rare if a product line doesn't come with an eco, green, or organic option. In Canada, however, there aren't many certifications or regulations on this new, growing green industry.

The array of claims and advertising for 'eco' products has made it difficult for Canadians to obtain the full story on what they're buying. How then, can green-savvy consumers get beyond the greenwashing marketing campaign – to manufacturers that actually care for the environment and the intrinsic value of their eco-product lines?

They need to look no further than ZOLD Eco-Sales Agency.

* Statistics Canada, 'Households and the Environment' survey conducted in 2006, and subsequently updated in 2009.

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