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Canadian Property Project - Case Study


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Sam Valentine lives in Calgary, Canada, an area often prone to dangerous levels of flooding during the autumn and winter seasons. In 2013, Calgary experienced extreme flooding that was the most expensive natural disaster in Canadian history.

The property was situated one block away from one of the two rivers that run through the city and approximately one mile downstream from a reservoir and damn, so during the floods the property was affected by rising river waters that submerged the basement right up to the ceiling joints.

Fearing that the same disaster might occur this year, Sam contacted Aquobex in April 2014 asking for advice on how to be prepared for flood risk and protect her home from repeated water damage. With the government failing to put measures in place to mitigate flood risk to the infrastructure and buildings, the majority of the responsibility was left up to homeowners. Sam needed a flood protection plan that covered everything in the basement from windows and doors to sewage valves and mechanical systems.

Walking Sam through a step-by-step process of different effective measures to protect the walls, windows and doors of her building, Aquobex offered quick and responsive guidance to help her understand her options. The individual flood protection plan was devised with recommendations for flood products and solutions including a cover for the basement windows, pumps, barriers and ways to obtain flood insurance. Sam commented,

“Thanks so much for your kind assistance. You were one of the very few people we spoke with who had true expertise in the area, something which seems to be in very short supply in this market.”

Highlighting the difference between selling and advising, Aquobex demonstrated that even miles across the Atlantic, they could provide strong advice and consultancy to mitigate flood risk and protect vulnerable areas of a property. Sam now lives in confidence that her home is protected and prepared for any future events, thanks to credible flood consultancy from a knowledgeable and trustworthy flood protection company.

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